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Supporting sales and bid teams

Why add external support to internal resource?

External support for your Bid, Sales and Marketing teams could be vital in accessing the experience and insight that maximises your chances of continuing to win public contracts. We possess the skills and experience that businesses don’t generally have themselves, in that we understand and know first-hand how and why public bodies develop procurement strategies and ultimately make contracting decisions.

We can develop contract opportunity pipelines for you and provide advice and tactics to ensure you engage with individual public sector organisations effectively. We can even help you influence their overarching procurement decisions.

We can give your team a competitive advantage

Find out how our strategic consultancy can take your bids to the next level

The value of training and continual bid development

It’s also important that, over time, your internal team can access fresh thinking and motivation. Working on lots of tenders can lead to fatigue or a tendency to re-purpose the same answers for different tenders. This could hurt your chances of success in the long run, but our expertise can ensure your team stays fresh and motivated in their thinking.  

We have developed training courses tailored to different skillsets on internal bid teams:

  • “Selling to the public sector” – specifically for Sales and Marketing teams
  • “How to win public contracts” – designed for Bid Writers and Bid Managers.

Both these courses are delivered drawing upon our experience of public sector decision making and are updated regularly to ensure they communicate the constant changes in the marketplace. 

We see ourselves as difference makers, not just facilitators

Take the first step today and chat to us about the advanced bid techniques we can employ to boost your bid success rates

Don’t take our word for it…

Bidbetter’s approach is both incisive and practical. They have taken the time to truly understand our business and have helped deliver sensible and actionable advice, which is already showing positive results for our business.

Sophie Weate, Bid Manager

Supporting sales and bid teams Bidbetter

We can also help with

Finding the right tender

Supporting sales and bid teams Bidbetter

Optimising bid success

Supporting sales and bid teams Bidbetter

Retaining existing contracts

Supporting sales and bid teams Bidbetter
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