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Finding the right tenders

Is your product or service purchased by


Government departments



Housing Associations


Could you be missing notification of valuable opportunities?

There are many tender opportunity portals that allow businesses like yours to identify these opportunities. In fact, there are so many that it is difficult to decide which to use. Subscription to several of these are costly whereas others are completely free. Regardless, the key to ensuring it works for you is all about the accuracy of the initial setup.

The public sector spends £230 billion per year buying products and services

It advertises over 10,000 contracting opportunities every single month

One of these could be your next major piece of business

How does it work?

We require just 30 minutes of your time to complete our ‘finding your tender’ checklist. Once this is finalised we devise a tailored approach to ensure the tender portals we chose are entirely relevant and ensure you capture ALL suitable opportunities for your business.

As a quality assurance measure, after 1 month we further review the set-up to ensure only suitable opportunities land in your inbox.

What’s the advantage of Bidbetter’s approach?

The identification of tender opportunities is the only way in which you have a chance of winning a public contract. We draw upon our experience to ensure your service offering matches their correctly. You can be 100% confident of receiving and assessing all live contract opportunities in the future.

Finding you the right tender costs just £395 + VAT

We only subscribe you to free to use portals that extract the data from the source, so there are no on-going costs.

AND this cost is fully refundable if you use our services to assist in a future tender submission.

Don’t take our word for it…            

Since we started using Bidbetter, a small investment has assisted us in delivering over £600k worth of public sector contracts. They even introduced us to a supported specialist business advice grant, which we were successful in obtaining. Bidbetter are extremely personable, very flexible and always encouraging.

Because of this – and the obvious results they have helped us deliver – we intend to continue working with Bidbetter to ensure we retain our current public sector contracts and win new ones.

Carole Ricketts, Business Development

Finding the right tenders Bidbetter

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Finding the right tenders Bidbetter

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Finding the right tenders Bidbetter

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Finding the right tenders Bidbetter
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