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Our Services

Bidbetter can help any company win public contracts if they supply products or services procured by the public sector (which is likely).

All of our services are designed to help you achieve the ultimate goals of winning public sector tenders, gaining more business and ensuring that you maintain your position long term. Services are tailored to meet specific requirements.

Find the Right Tenders

Our Services Bidbetter

We set you up on public sector online portals to ensure that you are informed about all suitable opportunities for your business.

Write Successful Public Sector Bids

Our Services Bidbetter

We help you write winning bids and can also evaluate your bids to let you know how well they will score.

Tailored Training Packages

Our Services Bidbetter

We offer a number of business-friendly training packages which are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Research, Engage & Influence the Buyer

Our Services Bidbetter

We help you identify the most appropriate buyer of your goods and services and form a long-standing relationship with them.

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