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Longer term planning wins public sector contracts

We’ve had a flurry of activity in the last couple of months, with quite a few of our clients contacting us for help with their tenders going into the new year. We therefore felt it timely to remind anyone bidding for public sector or government contracts that one of the biggest reasons we see small businesses lose bids is that they are not strategic enough about their bid process. This is often due to a lack of time, resources, or sometimes skills within the business.

Some businesses wait for a tender to go live, not always considering whether this is the most appropriate contract for their business, and then have a mad panic on their hands trying to get everything together at the last minute. This approach unfortunately doesn’t win many bids.

As an example, we recently worked with a cleaning company client on a long-term basis (they signed up to our monthly subscription service, which is now called Bidvantage). They provide their quality cleaning services to a wide variety of public and private sector organisations and approached Bidbetter because they wanted to win more public sector contracts, specifically in the education sector, and grow their business. Like most small businesses, they simply didn’t have the time or resources to pursue public sector bids on their own.

What we did

We started by analysing their bid process. There was a lack of planning and strategy and they had no method in place to help them decide which contracts might be suitable for them. They were bidding for contracts on an ad hoc basis and not winning any business. We worked with them, putting into place strong project planning methodology and a ‘bid, no bid’ matrix to help them decide which bids to pursue and which would be a waste of time. This meant that they could then concentrate their efforts on the right bids.

The Result

Tailoring our services to their budget and timelines, we aided them in winning over £600,000 worth of contracts. We guided them so that they are now able to produce their own successful public sector bids based on our model. Bidbetter continues to offer bid writing and bid review services to this client where needed before they submit their responses, but the bulk of the bid work has been taken back in-house.

This is what their Business Development Manager had to say about our services:

“Since we started using Bidbetter, a small investment has assisted us in delivering over £600k worth of public sector contracts. They even introduced us to a supported specialist business advice grant, which we were successful in obtaining. Bidbetter are extremely personable, very flexible and always encouraging.”

Just a reminder that our Bidvantage service is designed to take the headache out of your public sector bidding process once and for all. We help you to set up more strategic systems and processes for all your public sector bidding and make sure you only pursue relevant opportunities. Whilst you are signed up and paying the nominal monthly fee, we act as a permanent member of your bid team, contactable all year round. We also guarantee not to work with any of your competitors.

If you think you this service might be useful to your business, or for our usual bid writing, review and training services, just get in touch, as always – I’m on 07944 847014 or email

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