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Testimonial from Broadstock

Why were you looking for the type of service Bidbetter offers?

Broadstock were starting the process of defending our place on the CCS Framework to provide furniture to central government. We were looking for further resources, support, and knowledge of central government tender processes and award criteria to ensure we maximised the scores on our submission.

What made you choose Bidbetter?

Philip presented to our Senior Management Team; he had taken the time to understand our business and provided an excellent and thorough insight into the world of public sector procurement and how he could help us achieve our aims.

What were the results of the service delivered by Bidbetter?

Following a long, complex tender, Broadstock were successfully awarded a place on the framework, scoring 100% on the quality section.  As a direct result of this success, we asked Bidbetter to support Broadstock on another public sector framework defence.

If you were to recommend Bidbetter to others, what would you say?

“I found Philip to be extremely knowledgeable and supportive in creating an exceptional tender submission. Philip fully integrated himself into the business and continually added value. I have no doubts about recommending Bidbetter and working with Philip on future opportunities.”

Jon Stoney, Sales Director 

“Philip provided invaluable insights, which were backed up by his real work experience of both procurement and tenders.”

Simon Baird, Bid Manager

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