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How to build an effective client-bid writer relationship

The stronger the collaboration between bid writer and client, the more robust the bid will be. So how should this relationship work to deliver the best outcome?

Working with a professional bid writer has many benefits not least because it’s often the most efficient way to develop a high-quality tender response. But onboard a specialist, and you can gain an even greater advantage as these writers draw on the cumulative knowledge they’ve gathered working with different clients in different fields.

With a wealth of experience under their belts, outsourced writers are highly skilled, and their abilities are continually refined in response to feedback – something that can be more limited in an internal bid writer.

However, even the most talented wordsmith can only achieve so much working solo. The reason for this is simple; you’re the expert when it comes to the business’s unique service offerings, not them.

While your bid writer understands the key drivers and priorities of the project under tender, it is your insight and experience that will make the bid stand out. So rather than wait until the final draft review to share this knowledge, work with your writer from the beginning and add your input throughout the process.

Create a successful collaboration

As you each have different skills and talents, it’s helpful to define your roles as writer and client from the outset. With a clear plan in place, you can both make the most of your strengths:

The role of the bid writer:

  • Is to facilitate the development of win-themes, collate information, structure it into a response and create content that will score well when evaluated.
  • Operate diligently within the bid development plan to ensure key milestones are met.
  • Schedule progress meetings with bid sponsors and subject matter experts.
  • Develop tailored win-themes for every response.
  • Submit work to the review team for critique and make improvements as needed.

Your role as the client:

  • Is to provide all the necessary information for the bid writer to do their job in line with the bid development plan.
  • To review the draft at least once before the final draft is signed off.
  • Deliver changes or feedback in good time to prevent delays.
  • To be clear about what the win-themes are.

Like any relationship, more input is needed in the earlier stages as you establish rapport and a process for developing bids. But lay a firm foundation in the first proposal, and the procedure will quicken for those that follow.

Furthermore, as the bid writer gains a better understanding of your business, the ways of working, win-themes, the best subject matter experts to approach and even the politics, they can take on more responsibility. Eventually, it will require less time and effort on your end as your value will be added instead through the review and sign-off procedure.

Follow these steps to nurture a seamless bid writing process and a collaborative, trusting relationship with your writer, and a successful outcome will be easier to achieve.

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