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The Survey Results

If you have ever been involved in the development of a bid response, you will know that no two tenders are the same. The requirements will be different; the evaluation criteria vary considerably and the written requirement similar but not the same.  Because of this, bidders must be agile in their approach and not rely upon a standard bid response but have many variations in their bid library which zone in on different themes and styles. And even then, they must be prepared to amend and enhance for every tender response.

Those that do this effectively, win bids and those that don’t, don’t!

We are very interested in how companies approach bids as we see a correlation between this and ongoing success. We recently published an online survey to understand how businesses approach public sector tender opportunities, what their win rate is and what their general perception of the process is.

Because we all lead hectic work lives where prioritisation at the best of times is difficult, we provided an informative eBook (‘Bidding After Brexit’) and, perhaps more enticing, an Amazon Echo Dot for one lucky respondent (congratulations to Jane Findlay of Fira Landscape Architecture and Urban ) who was selected from the hat), by way of an incentive to complete!

The High Points

64% of respondents have bid for a public sector and successfully won at least one, whereas the remaining 36% have either been unsuccessful or haven’t bid at all.

Out of the 64% that have been successful, 33% of these have been ‘very successful’ with the focus now on retaining these contracts. The other 67% have been at most moderately successful but have ambitions to win more.

Of the 17% that have bid but not been successful, 83% have ‘tried many times without success’ and the other 17% gave up after the first unsuccessful attempt.

10% of all respondents haven’t previously bid for a public contract but would do so if relevant opportunities exist and they ranked their order of importance in deciding to attempt a bid for a public contract as;

  1. Being sure they knew how to complete the tender information successfully
  2. Knowing the opportunity was highly relevant to their offering
  3. Having the appropriate resource to get the tender in on time

Of the remaining 7% of all respondents who have never bid for public contracts and have no intention of doing so in the future, 40% don’t believe relevant opportunities exist, 20% don’t know the process well enough and have doubts whether they would be successful, 20% believe they don’t have the in-house skill set to write bids effectively and the remaining 20% are too busy with other sales channels.

We will shortly be turning these insights into tangible findings and sharing them here. Once again, thanks to all those that responded, we hope you found the eBook useful.

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