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Direct Cleaning Services Case Study


Direct Cleaning Services (DCS) based in Corsham, Wiltshire provide their quality cleaning services to a wide variety of public and private sector organisations throughout the South West. Their contracts vary greatly in size and their customer-driven staff provide consistency of service to all their clients.

The Challenge

In 2013, DCS were eager to obtain more sustainable supply contracts over a wider area. Keen to achieve this and grow their business, they approached Bidbetter. They wanted to win public sector contracts, specifically in the education sector but, like most small businesses, DCS didn’t have the time, resource or skills to pursue public sector bids on their own.

The Action

Bidbetter stepped in to simplify the bid process. In an addition to the bid management services Bidbetter deliver, they are eager to help drive economic development by helping SMEs win supply contracts. They understand that small to medium sized enterprises are some of the main contributors to the UK economy.

The Result

Tailoring their services to DCS’s budget and timelines, Bidbetter has now aided DCS in winning over £600,000 worth of contracts, from an investment of around £4,000.

Bidbetter have guided DCS so that they are now able to produce their own successful public sector bids based on the model suggested by Bidbetter. Bidbetter continues to offer their bid writing and bid review services before DCS submit the responses, but the bulk of the work has been taken back in-house.

Quote from Carole Ricketts, Business Development Manager

Since we started using Bidbetter, a small investment has assisted us in delivering over £600k worth of public sector contracts. They even introduced us to a supported specialist business advice grant, which we were successful in obtaining. Bidbetter are extremely personable, very flexible and always encouraging.

Because of this – and the obvious results they have helped us deliver – we intend to continue working with Bidbetter to ensure we retain our current public sector contracts and win new ones.

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