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Community Benefits Could be the Key to Winning Contracts

With social responsibility rising on the agenda, Bidbetter is now advising all our suppliers to consider and appropriately display community benefits when bidding in order to win valuable contracts.

Value for money is the overriding factor that determines all contract award decisions. In recent years, there has been a shift in understanding of how value for money should be calculated in both public and private sectors – it is not simply a matter of ‘low cost’.

There is growing support for the idea that contracts should include a requirement for suppliers to provide social value. The public sector (Social Value) Act 2012, already requires all public bodies to consider how the services they commission and procure might improve the well-being of the area. For private companies, community benefits in the supply chain provide an excellent opportunity to display their positive social impact, improving their corporate image and increasing sales.

Suppliers now need to be proactive and ensure they are automatically including elements of social value when developing a tender response. By demonstrating that they will support the economic success of an area alongside local SMEs, charities, and social enterprises, a business can significantly improve their bid evaluation score. Community benefits can include promoting equal opportunities, support for the disadvantaged and contributions to education, training and apprenticeships schemes.

A good starting point in developing how your organisation could benefit the local community best would be to consider the local social surroundings, how could the area and community benefit most from your contribution and align these to your overriding company ethos and values. This will ensure the benefits provided are relevant, tangible and sustainable.


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