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Retaining your contracts

The current contractor always retains the contract, don’t they?

Well the answer to this is no. Assuming the incumbent supplier has met their SLAs and KPIs of the contract, they are in a strong position to retain public contracts, of course, however there is no guarantee they will be successful. Because of the principles of fair and open competition, public contracts must be re-tendered on a level playing field.

Only 35% of public contracts are retained by the incumbent supplier

Don’t be a statistic, let Bidbetter help you illustrate your worth to your most valuable customers

How then, do you leverage your advantage as the incumbent?

There is an enormous amount you can do in terms of influencing the re-tender requirement and specification. We will work with you to advise how this can be achieved. Our bid strategists will work with you to focus on win-themes, drawing upon the successes delivered in your current contract, highlighting continuous improvement initiatives and emerging technologies that will add value and, most importantly, remind them what you have achieved and what they will be missing if they were to award the contract to somebody else. The challenge is including this within the confines of a prescriptive and standard public tender, with a restricted word or character count. We recognise this challenge and know how best to approach it with you.

We all know it’s more valuable to retain business than replace it.

Bidbetter are experts in making your successes shine in re-tendering for contracts.

Chat to us about how we can help. Why risk your most valuable customer relationships?

Don’t take our word for it…

We bid to retain a place on a key framework that enabled us to supply the Central Government and Local Authorities. Knowing Bidbetter’s experience, we engaged their services to review our bid submission to ensure we adequately addressed all requirements. 

We were successfully awarded a place on the framework and were delighted to achieve consistently high marks for each Lot. Bidbetter’s impartial and insightful critique proved very valuable and we rate their services highly.

Caroline Ley, Head of Tenders

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