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What Does A Bid Writer Do?

What Does a Bid Writer Do?

  • 17th May 2018

A bid writer is a person within an organisation who completes PQQs and tenders that will, if effective, win contracts for your business. It is an often overlooked and underestimated role, working hand in hand with many business functions and requiring…

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Testimonial From Broadstock

Testimonial from Broadstock

  • 4th January 2018

Why were you looking for the type of service Bidbetter offers? Broadstock were starting the process of defending our place on the CCS Framework to provide furniture to central government. We were looking for further resources, support, and knowledge of…

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Bid Writing Tedium

Bid writing tedium

  • 22nd November 2017

‘Bid writing tedium’; an affliction suffered by many bidders. And from a bid evaluation point of view, unfortunately, a very visible affliction. There are lots of bidders who approach the bid writing process with dread and this always comes across…

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The Survey Results

The Survey Results

  • 17th July 2017

If you have ever been involved in the development of a bid response, you will know that no two tenders are the same. The requirements will be different; the evaluation criteria vary considerably and the written requirement similar but not…

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